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Alivia "Ava" Bright relocates from Denver to Washington D.C. to begin life anew. As the only child of a selfish agreement between her career driven mother and gay best friend, Ava struggles to find her identity. While searching for her "Why", she meets Lawson Taylor who soon becomes the man and husband of her dreams. After learning about Lawson's infidelity, Ava is forced to face her past to determine if her marriage has a future. This electrifying novel is the fourth release from author A. Michele Henderson

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Sydney Kane had it all as the girlfriend of a Las Vegas casino bigwig. Climbing the social ladder among sin city’s elite, afforded Sydney the life she once dreamt about in the trailer parks of Oklahoma. When the opportunity arose for her to show the world her luxe lifestyle on a new reality show, she jumped at the chance. During Sydney’s rise to infamy, she became trapped in the role of who she pretended to be. As the breakout star of the show, her story line glorified her dysfunction and capitalized on her pain. When the advertising dollars and viewership increased, she was paid to push the envelope. While filming a heated scene that left Sydney exposed, she fatally wounded one of her co-stars. Once intoxicated by the high life, Sydney was thrust into real life. Convicted is a sobering tale about the iniquitous culture of reality television and society’s insatiable appetite for more. This relevant novel is the 5th release from author A. Michele Henderson. 


A Time To Dance is the 3rd Novel completing the Daughters of Deliverance book trilogy. Enter the auditorium and find your seat as A. Michele choreographs the final scene. Will sexual allegations from a former church employee tarnish Blake's good name? Will Joelle serve time in prison for fraud? Will Apple's life end in suicide? Will the pieces of Nia's life come together in peace? Witness the outcome as their lives converge on a frigid November evening. The full cast of supporting characters return, to stir the pot and leave readers thoroughly entertained. Complete the journey and discover that the power of God is real as redemption, restoration and recovery are found in Christ!

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 ​​Disclaimer: The storyline of each novel is a work of fiction and does not depict the lives of actual persons. Real life locations and pop culture icons are used for context and relateability. The author reserves the right to reference herself as a writing signature. 

A Time To Love is the second novel in the Daughters of Deliverance trilogy. As the plot thickens, Storge, Philia, Eros and the Agape love of God will come against adultery, abandonment, addiction and abuse. Blake's marriage is rocked to its core by an untimely secret. Joelle's past is placed on front street as she seeks God's will for her life. Apple uncovers her secret shame before discovering a life changing truth. Nia's choices send her on a downward spiral that will cost her everything. The complete cast of supporting characters return and new ones emerge as A. Michele paints a vivid portrait of life's highest commandment. This eagerly awaited sequel will keep readers engaged from its shocking beginning to its suspenseful end.

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The Daughters of Deliverance trilogy illustrates the road to redemption, restoration and recovery through it's characters: Blake, Joelle, Apple and Nia. Blake, the central character of the storyline, is the product of divorce and culture shock as a Connecticut transplant in Baltimore. A poor choice in association leads Blake into a violent encounter that alters her life forever. Joelle, Blake's best friend has a secret life that tears them apart. After years of being more like sisters than friends, Blake realizes that she never knew Joelle from the beginning. Apple, Blake's longtime associate, lives a promiscuous lifestyle and makes poor choices that shatter her own life into pieces. Nia is introduced as Blake's cousin-to-be whose picture perfect life will soon unravel. Through a diverse tapestry of real life situations along with strong supporting characters, Daughters of Deliverance proves that there is nothing too hard for God. This must read novel is the first release from Author A. Michele Henderson.

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