Milla Abal 

Milla's character is a modern interpretation of Abel. Through her character I demonstrate the importance of reconnecting with God because tomorrow isn't promised. Her character is a testament to the free will of mankind and serves as a reminder that just because bad things happen to good people; doesn't mean God is to blame. Many people falsely believe that God will protect them but haven't surrendered their lives to His headship. You can't be employed at a computer company and receive your benefits from the bank across the street. So it is with God, you cannot live a hellish lifestyle and expect divine protection. Of course God is sovereign and he can and does protect the lost, in the hope that they will choose Him. 

Daughters of Deliverance: A Time To Rend, A Time To Love & A Time To Dance

Lawson Taylor

Lawson's character is a modern day interpretation of the prodigal son. Though raised in the house of the Lord, Lawson becomes lost and separated from his Christian values . His choices lead him down a road of bad decisions threatening his health and livelihood. He serves as a warning that the pleasures of sin only last for a season and cost you more than you're willing to pay. Lawson finds himself caught up in society's pressures to have it all and be it all. He is a living example of God's promise to his people in Proverbs 22:6 that if you "train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it". 

Sydney Kane

Sydney's character is an allegory of Cain. Through her story line I illustrate the moral decay of our society when broken individuals are given a platform. Too often people's cry for help is used for our culture's entertainment. With our insatiable desire to watch the lives of others, we've created a breeding ground for dysfunction. Her character is also used to demonstrate God's redemptive nature and the power of His relentless Love.

Ava Taylor (Bright)

Ava is the namesake of Eve, the mother of the living. Through her character I demonstrate the modern day consequences of being uncovered by the man, who God chose to care for you. For Eve it was her husband Adam who stood beside her as she disobeyed God but for Ava it was her father who didn't take responsibility for her young life. Ava, like many millennials was lavished with the best life has to offer but was not given the life skills she needed for adulthood. Her story is a depiction of materialism over integrity.  Ava's journey speaks to the importance of mentorship and self awareness.



Apple Austin (Brown)​

Apple's character is an allegory of mankind separated from God. I named her Apple as an expression of the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. Through her character I am able to illustrate the kind of dysfunction and oppression that comes from wearing a mask. Everyone knows an Apple. She is the girl who's choices land her in a world of mess. She goes to great lengths to make her life appear victorious not knowing that she has the word damaged flashing across her forehead. She is all about appearances and is willing to live a lie. she has a low opinion of herself therefore she needs constant approval from others. She is the loudest person in the room and makes a spectacle of herself on social media.

Nia Braxton (Lovehall)

Nia's character is a glimpse into the world of wealthy black America. She's the heiress to an untold fortune through her father's bloodline of "old money." I created her as a contrast to today's in-your-face and sometimes obnoxious nouveau riche characters depicted in books, television and film. Though the world is her oyster, Nia is quite the woman. Through her story line I illustrate the power of one bad choice and the disappointment of getting married for the wrong reasons. Nia's journey exemplifies the priceless treasure of strong relationships and the necessity of maintaining them.

Joelle Carter (Clarke)

Joelle's character is based on the mysterious "pretty girl" who no matter how long you've known her, you know nothing about her. She represents the women who've had to rebuild their lives so many times that they refuse to trust anyone.These are the women that most women are jealous of. They are gorgeous, have the best of the best and always look flawless. They are the women who dress so well that they look better than most in sweats. They go to school with you or work with you but they are loners. They do their jobs and mind their business but under the gleam lies a dark secret.

Blake Hairston (Kensington)

Of all the characters in the Daughters of Deliverance series, Blake's character is the most like me. Through her character I am able to express my belief that a life yielded to Christ transcends race, gender and circumstance. She represents the power of transformation and humility. One of the things I enjoyed writing into Blake's story line is her fascination with me. Blake is the modern expression of the proverbs 31 woman and a sound depiction of a godly wife.

A. Michele is often asked on whom the characters of her novels are based. Here she shares her insights and inspirations on how each character was developed.