ABOUT A. Michele

 A. Michele Henderson is a wife, mother, intercessor, author, mentor and speaker. Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island and educated in the parochial school system, A. Michele discovered her passion for communication as a young child. Upon completion of her elementary education she attended Classical and Mount Pleasant high schools but earned her diploma from Albemarle High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. Following high school in 1996 A. Michele attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland but after a lengthy hiatus is now an honor student at another university.

As the founder of an invitation only accountability group for women, A. Michele has found her niche. Since its inception in 2010 and founded upon Romans 14:19, she hosts monthly events and quarterly meetings for the purpose of solace, support and sisterhood.

Along with her husband, A. Michele serves as a marital mentor, teacher and counselor dedicated to the promotion of biblical marriage and family values. A. Michele and her husband James, an entrepreneur and  systems analyst, reside in  Maryland with their young son where she is employed as a homemaker.